September 28, 2016

Youth Parliament hosted

In celebration of Commonwealth Day 2016, Guyana held its second annual Youth Parliament on Monday in the Parliament Chambers.
Joining 53 other countries, Guyana has signified the day by hosting the session which coincides with this year’s theme of the day.
As each country hosts various activities to mark the celebration, there are common grounds on the theme “An Inclusive Commonwealth” which calls for everyone to be involved in their country’s affairs regardless of differentiating factors.
Singling out youths specifically, Guyana commenced the sitting of Youth Parliament with participation of 35 youths from across the 10 administrative regions.
Surrounding the topic of having each person included, this Parliament sitting facilitated discussions between the two acting presiding parties on how youths are being represented and integrated in Guyana’s activities.
Divided into the opposition and ruling party, these students had the chance to experience what parliament is like and more particularly to be a representative for youths across Guyana.
Moving the motion “Youth Cohesion in Building Peaceful and Inclusive Societies in the Commonwealth” the youths were tasked with presenting their speeches on this, dependent on the party they represented.
The motion primarily focused on having Commonwealth countries create opportunities for youths to be involved in the decision-making process.
In this way, youths would generate their thinking skills into the effective governing of their country in order to be an active body in averting situations that commonly affect them.
There was also emphasis on having the entire population treated equally and fairly, in spite of their race, age, gender, belief or other identity.
Each student was given a chance to express their views and opinions on the aforementioned aspects of “An Inclusive Commonwealth” where the affairs of youths were concerned.
Additionally, this served as a forum to make recommendations on how youths can be made more productive and active in their country’s development.
The students each represented a member of Guyana’s Parliament, and delivered their presentation based on the ministry they represented. However, these discussions had to coincide with the theme of Commonwealth Day and the role of youths.
Commonwealth Day is celebrated annually on the second Monday of March to promote unity and equality among member states and the world as a whole.

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