September 29, 2016

Woman robbed opposite Albion Police Station

Bandits continue their rampage on the Lower Corentyne and in their latest attack have dared the police.

Carmine Kissoon

Carmine Kissoon

Following armed robberies at Port Mourant, Ankerville and Hampshire Squatting Area between Thursday and Saturday evening, police were dared on Sunday as two armed men went into a home situated in front of the Albion Police Station and carried away cash and jewellery.
One of the victims who shouted for the police from her window after the bandits had left, recalled that she was aroused at about midnight and noticed a masked man wearing gloves in her bedroom.
According to Carmine Kissoon, a flashlight was beaming in her face. The intruder demanded cash and jewellery. “I said to him, please don’t hurt me please don’t hurt me, because he had a gun in his hand. I said look the money is in the drawer and the money is on the dresser and he went and he picked up the two bags with the money.”
She said that as she pleaded not to be hurt, three other men entered her bedroom and quizzed her about how many other persons were at home.
Kissoon told this publication that she informed them that it was just herself and her daughter-in-law in the house.
“I called on my daughter-in-law… I called about four times. I say there is thief in the house. They told her bring the money; the carwash money.”
The ordeal lasted about fifteen minutes. However before it was over Kissoon said she was feeling unwell and needed some water which one of the thieves got for her.
“Suzan (the daughter-in-law) give them the phone and they run downstairs and they run out the back then I drop the trap door and I yell for the police,” Kissoon said.
Several police officers arrived at the house within seconds but the bandits went through the back and escaped. She said that upon investigating they realised that the men made their way into the building after breaking a window and bending the grill.
Kissoon said she lost $370,000 in cash and $230,000 in jewellery, a cellular phone and a laptop.

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