October 1, 2016

Mother fights for better life for her community

By Kizzy Coleman

Those elected to represent their constituency in the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGEs) just three

Poorandai Sukhu

Poorandai Sukhu

days away, will be the ‘voice’ fighting for the rights of those living in their community.
Contesting in Constituency 4, Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), striving to be that ‘voice’ for the people of her community is Poorandai Sukhu, a mother contesting under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) banner.
Sukhu stands firmly motivated to work along with residents to address four main issues affecting the community – drainage, rehabilitation of roads, proper water supply, and proper garbage disposal.
These issues she said are “of great concern to me” assuring that they will be tackled under her watch as councillor if elected.
Henry Ford had said: ‘Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.’
“I know that it would be my job to work together with the residents of my community to achieve success in my endeavours to better our lives,” Sukhu disclosed.
The first issue to be addressed under her leadership is drainage.
Zeelugt is a community that goes underwater after heavy rains, and the poor drainage dose little to improve the situation.
“We need to work hard in this regard, we cannot sit back and do nothing while people in our community continue to be faced with this issue, we need to get up and do something”.
Sukhu pledges to work in collaboration with the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) to effect the changes needed.
“You can’t just say that you need change, you need to get up and fight for that change. If you don’t fight then nothing will ever be achieved”.
In addition to her four main pillars she will be addressing, Sukhu also states that security needs addressing.
“We need at least one police outpost in the area because it can be unsafe at times especially at nights. We don’t want that, we need a better community for all, a safer community for all”.
She stressed the need for stealing to cease and for the high increase of drug using in the area to be urgently decreased.
“We need to combat drug using, and to get people to report these matters to the police because people are usually scared to do so,” she remarked.
Currently Sukhu is involved in an initiative in her constituency aimed at continuing to educating school drop outs.
“I also am involved in a campaign where we go around and encourage people in the community to clean up their parapet; this is aimed at cleaning up our beautiful community”.
Many teenagers and youths, young women and mothers in the area without a skill cannot do much for themselves; as such, Sukhu plans to “provide skill training for all these persons”.
“I would advise all in my constituency to vote for me to get all these major issues tackled, because once I am elected, I want that we have a proper, stable community’.

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