September 28, 2016

It’s time we injected some new blood into the City

Dear Editor,

I wish the City Councillors from Georgetown knew when to call it a day, or as we in Guyana say “when to call it George.” Here we have a bunch of tired, worn out, mentally bankrupt senior citizens who have had 22 years instead of the prescribed three, managing our capital, who are still trying to hang around for a little longer maybe for the monthly stipend of $60,000, by seeking to be re-elected at LGE 2016. What a shame that is, when one does not know when to move on.

Some of them are even showing signs of loss of mental faculties. A classic example of this would be the recent case in point when Mayor Green during a visit to the Kitty Market in an interview with the press, announced that his days as mayor are numbered and as a result, the restoration and renovation of that facility would be the responsibility of the next mayor. Alas! Just a few days after such a grand announcement, rehabilitation commenced in earnest by the same Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC).

Unbelievable! A case where the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing

Clearly, Mayor Green and his councillors are mere sailors and not calling the shots at City Hall, yet Chase-Green is parading around this and other projects pomping a scene; as they would say to give the impression that the project was their doing, earning them kudos for re-election.

Why would we need these old dreamers back as our city mothers and fathers? They would more be like doddering city grandfathers and grandmothers.

It is time to reinsert youth into the main portals of governance. These senior citizens are trying to prevent youth participation in governance and the fulfilment of their dreams and utilisation of their energies.

The time to improve the capacity of youths at the community level is now. We need young people as policy-makers. I encourage everyone to vote wisely, vote for the youth.


Amber Valentine

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