September 25, 2016

Guyanese to cast “punishment vote” against APNU/AFC – Rohee

– despite “poor” voter education from GECOM
Three days before the Local Government Elections (LGE), the People’s Progressive Party remains dissatisfied with the efforts made by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to educate the general public about the process and importance of casting their ballots.
“As far as we’re concerned, the public relations of GECOM is still poor. They are not performing based on the budget that they have at their disposal. I see a few squirts now and again in some sections of the media, but it’s still not enough because our tapping into the views of the electorate, there’s still a considerable amount of people who don’t know where to go to vote and what the elections are all about,” Party General Secretary Clement Rohee pointed out.
Irrespective of the inadequate educational campaign, Rohee anticipates masses of Guyanese voting in favour of his Party at the upcoming polls.
“Hundreds of thousands of Guyanese voters are going to the polls on March 18, angry with the APNU/AFC coalition administration… The Guyanese electorates are going to the polls to cast the punishment vote against the APNU/AFC for their unfulfilled promises and the heavy tax-burdens recently foisted on them as a result of the passage of the 2016 budget,” he stated.
According to Rohee, Guyanese are angry over the constant “lies and half-truths” peddled by the Government.
In particular, he noted that they were angry over the large salary increases granted to government officials, the removal of the cash grant and other social benefits.
Meanwhile, Rohee also expressed that the media should do more to assist the PPP/C Parliamentary Opposition to get its message out to the public, given that it no longer has the State media to utilise.
“(The media) should not only look out for paid advertisements because it looks as though only paid advertisements they are looking for. This is a partnership as we see it and the media must also give some free time to the political parties, especially the PPP/C now that we are in Opposition. The APNU and AFC have a pork barrel where they can now dip their hands to take out money to place ads in the newspapers. We don’t have that kind of resources,” he stated.

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