September 26, 2016

GFF boss confident of Guyana’s beach soccer

By Akeem Greene

President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Wayne Forde is optimistic about the chances of Guyana

Wayne Forde

Wayne Forde

having a more successful run at Beach Football in the International arena.
He strongly believes that the country has a better chance of doing well at beach football than at the regular field goal football.
In speaking to media operatives at his office, the GFF President posited that “we also have a very good chance of doing well at beach soccer on the international scene than we have done on the standard eleven a side because talking to a lot of people that have looked at the Guyana team, they really believe we can go all the way and that’s why the federation is willing to make the investment with the coach and other requirements”
Though the concept is still in its elementary stages in Guyana, the GFF President Forde believes the uniqueness of the sport can create a new market avenue for the Federation.
“What I like about the beach football is that it taps into a different market; is has a little bit of an entertainment flair to it and if you really put the right marketing thought behind it you can do a lot of things with it”, Forde explained.
The GFF are currently in consultations with the Guyana Beach Football Association (GBFA) to secure a Coach and get the necessary requirements to improve the sport and the country’s performance extent.
“We have just taken a decision at the Executive level to support the contract and the wages arrangement for the coach that we now have here from Brazil”, the President revealed.
In January, Top Brandz under their Corona Beer banner joined forces with the GBFA in an effort to host Guyana’s first beach football in Linden.

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