September 30, 2016

Bandits beat, rob Port Mourant family

The Diaram’s grocery shop

The Diaram’s grocery shop

Bandits have once again struck on Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne), this time beating and robbing a Port Mourant family.

The Diaram family has been left traumatise after two masked gunmen forcibly entered their home demanding valuables.

Reports are the incident took place on Friday evening at Lot 347 Ankerville, Port Mourant. This newspaper was told that Kavita Diaram was about to close her parents’ grocery shop when two men held her at gunpoint and forced their way into the building.

Speaking with Guyana Times Kavita that one of the bandits had a gun while the other had a cutlass.

““They hit me in my head and I fall down, and they run to me father and put cutlass on he neck and tell he don’t move,” the traumatise woman reported.

She related that the men then proceeded to bound her father, Sookram Diaram, hand and feet with duct tape. According to the younger Diaram, as the men bound her father, her mother Sabritrie Diaram also called ‘Lil Gal’ began screaming in an effort to alert neighbours. This caused the men to turn their attention to the woman, who too they bound.

“They then leff me father and they come and they start beat she and tell she shot you ****ing mouth and get down to the floor.”

She related that one of the bandits dragged her mother while beating her with the cutlass, demanding valuables.

She said the men escaped with the day’s sale along with a large number of phone cards.

“We can’t really know what they take because we have a lot of things inside and is only when we go inside that we does count up the money,” the woman explained.

The traumatise woman said the Police arrived at the scene about 45 minutes after the incident.

“When I call for Whim Police Station there was no vehicle at the present moment then we call Rose Hall Outpost then everybody start calling for police.”

This is the third time that bandits have targeted the Diaram’s. The previous times being March and January 2015. Police are still investigating the incident.

The frightened woman related that the family is traumatised over the incident and is scared for their lives.

“This crime get reckless, this crime is too much. There is no good in this place.”

A Police source told this newspaper that between last Thursday and Saturday there were four reported robberies along the Lower Corentyne during which firearms were used.

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