September 27, 2016

Region 2 residents call for new school at Charity

By Indrawattie Natram

Residents living in Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) particularly within Charity are calling on the coalition government to construct a new secondary school at Charity.

Parents at the PTA meeting

Parents at the PTA meeting

At a recent Parent Teachers Association (PTA) meeting held at the school, parents requested the PTA chairman Dalip Singh to make representation for a new school. They complained that the present school lacks essential services, and is in a deplorable state.
According to the parents the school is overcrowded due to its growing population, presently at 800. It was suggested that an annex be built to accommodate more children. Parents suggest a location and said the school requires much more attention as most facilities are out of order and the entire structure needs overhauling. The over 150 parents who attended were all in favour of this idea.
The school accommodates children from Charity, Pomeroon and other areas. It has a dormitory but that too is out of order and require maintenance works.  Guyana Times understand works have commenced on the dormitory by the Region Two building department.
Recently Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt along with PTA chairman Singh met and conducted an inspection to both the school and dormitory. The regional chairman expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the complex. He said it is unfair for children to be housed in such an environmentally unfriendly place.
The school and dormitory lack water, fence and proper plumbing. The chairman however said all the complaints forwarded to him were handed over to Regional Executive Officer Rupert Hopkinson for his attention.
Parents have threatened through the PTA that if the complex is not rectified they will be forced to keep their children home.
Fogging was also requested as it is alleged children are falling sick because the dormitory is mosquito infested.

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