September 26, 2016

Region 10 advances tourism development plan

Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) is now in the process of implementing a five-year Tourism Development Plan, which will see the industry making strides in the mining region.

A section of the gathering at the stakeholders meeting

A section of the gathering at the stakeholders meeting

This was revealed during a meeting between Director General of the Tourism Ministry Donald Sinclair and various stakeholders of Region 10. This was the second such meeting since the initiative commenced and it was aimed at further discussing the implementation and advancement of the Plan.
In requesting input from the audience that gathered inside the conference room of the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN), Sinclair noted that the aim of the visit was to give an idea as to how the Plan would be structured.
According to the Director General, the Plan will make way for proposals to be made and requests for funding from donor agencies, in addition to paving the way for requests to be made from Government Ministries. He said the final document would be useful as a manual, which would contain suitable reference for those seeking to request information about the Region. Three sections are outlined in the requirements for the Regional Tourism Development Plan. These sections include a number of pointers, including background information on Region 10, including brief historical background; main economic activities; its tourism resources which will include the main tourism stakeholders, accommodations, etcetera, and an action plan which includes the identification of seven hotspots or priority attractions, accommodations for upgrade and other relevant services which need to be advanced.

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