September 25, 2016

Merriman Mall vendors still awaiting relocation

Months after vendors from the Merriman Mall were relocated, to facilitate rehabilitation, they are still awaiting a go ahead to move back to their allocated place of vending.

The Cummings Street area where the vendors are currently cramped

The Cummings Street area where the vendors are currently cramped

However, there have been many debates with the Mayor and City Council in relation to the relocation, according to one vendor who spoke in representation of the group.
This publication was told that vendors were slated to return to their agreed place of vending since Wednesday last week but this move was postponed by the M&CC.
The spokesperson explained that on Tuesday the vendors met with Town Clerk, Royston King and was assured that they would be relocated to the vending spot since works had been completed.
The woman further said that they all turned up at the location on Monday, anticipating the relocation but were disappointed by the announcement of the Town Clerk.
The vendor claimed that King made excuses as to why it was impossible for them to move at that time.
According to reports, there were generators and wood left by the contractor on the worksite, and this has caused the extended time vendors would have to wait to be relocated.
“They just don’t want us to move back. Moving these equipment would take not more than 15 minutes,” the vendor argued.
It is alleged King further told the vendors that because of “certain inconveniences” they would be unable to resume vending at that location until further notice.
Commenting on where they were forced to continue vending, the vendor said that the Cummings Street location is inconvenient for them and customers.
Another vendor expressed anguish at the constant back and forth they are engaged in with City Hall.
This newspaper was told that the vendors are again scheduled to meet with M&CC today.
As the cleanup campaign was being undertaken to enhance Guyana’s aesthetics, these vendors in January were removed from their usual vending spot.
This saw them being relocated to a smaller area on Cummings Street which had been prepared for them temporarily.
The vendors declared they were not upset with moving to facilitate the cleanup, but the abrupt manner in which they were forced to leave was unprofessional.

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