September 26, 2016

Bandits terrorise Corentyne family

Police in Berbice have arrested two men and recovered some of the items that were stolen during a robbery at Port Mourant on Saturday.

The fence the two armed bandits cut to gain entry to the yard

The fence the two armed bandits cut to gain entry to the yard

The items, which were found Sunday morning in a house on the Corentyne, include two laptops and a cellular phone. The discovery was made about 10:00h after two armed men went to a house at Ankerville, Port Mourant, and robbed a family of cash, jewellery and other valuables.
Reports are that about 19:45h on Saturday, two men, armed with firearms, cut through a back fence and robbed the family of a retired security officer and a retired headteacher.
Harnauth Jaiprashad, 65; his wife, Parmini, 62; their two children, two grandchildren and son-in-law had just returned from a fast food restaurant and were preparing to have dinner when the robbers entered.
One of the couple’s children, who is a teacher, Roshmine, said the men entered the yard from the back and walked around the side of the house. She said neither of them was wearing a mask.
“They say you all don’t, you all don’t holler. One had a shotgun and one had a revolver; the one with the revolver also had a cutlass.”
Jaiprashad said they were taken into the house and the door closed behind them.
“They tell us that they didn’t come to stay long and that they didn’t come to hurt anybody; they just come for the gold and the money. They put everybody to lie down and told me to give them the gold and all the money, so I give them the gold and the money.”
The mother of two said she handed over her parents’ National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pension.
“The one with the shotgun, he remained in the room and he continued to search the room. He tell me, ‘go and lie down, don’t look me in my face.’ When he came out, they ask whose car parked out there and I told them, ‘is my husband’.”
Even though Jaiprashad’s husband was lying on the floor near her, she told the bandits that he had gone out and taken the car key with him. “Then they ask if we have a haversack and I said no. They said that they wanted a bag to put the things in, so they took my working bag and put all the things that they collected from the house, including the money and gold inside.”
Before leaving, the men picked up three cellular phones, two laptops and other items, and on their way out, cut the phone line.
“But they cut the wrong line: they cut the extension line, not the main line. In haste, they say you all don’t call anybody and they closed the door,” Jaiprashad added.
The entire ordeal lasted about 10 minutes. Jaiprashad said contact was soon made with the Whim Police, who arrived about five minutes after the call was made.
According to a Police source, the investigation began and based on intelligence gathered, they were able to recover some of the articles.
Police are continuing the investigation.

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