September 28, 2016

Arson suspected as Avinash Stores’ warehouse goes up in flames

It was moments to midnight on Saturday when neighbours heard the loud explosion and rushed out of their homes to witness ferocious flames wreaking havoc on the Avinash Store warehouse, located at La Bonne Intention (LBI), East Coast Demerara (ECD).
The two-storey building is said to be void of electrical circuits, leaving the owners to suspect foul play or arson.
When Guyana Times visited the scene on Sunday afternoon, the facility was completely destroyed. At the time, light smoke was still emanating from the wreckage.

The destroyed warehouse

The destroyed warehouse

Neighbours explained that the bond is usually isolated and hardly ever does anyone visit the property.
According to one resident, a security guard would normally visit the building once every three months.
Nearby residents strongly believe the fire was deliberately set; however they noted that they did not observe any suspicious figure lingering around the property.
The Avinash Stores proprietor Ryan Panday also told this newspaper that he believes someone deliberately set the bond on fire.
During a telephone interview on Sunday, Panday explained there was no possible way the fire accidentally started.
He maintained that the building is without electricity.
The businessman noted too that the last time the warehouse was used was around the Christmas Holidays.
“But I don’t think anyone went back after that. It is a tightly shut building with padlocks and grills. No one goes there, there is no guard and there is no power or electricity,” he stated.
Panday was unable to give an estimate of the value of items destroyed but he noted that it is in the millions. He noted that a proper assessment will be done today.

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