September 27, 2016

Agard relishes playing in Elite League

By AKeem Greene

Fruta Conquerors forward Shaquille Agard, is enjoying the frolics and thrills of playing in the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Stag Elite League.
In speaking to Guyana Times Sport he said “I think it’s a good league so far, it’s organized as it is so far and it will continue to show the talent in Guyana”.
Agard, who resides in Toronto, Canada, plays for the Wexford Football Club in Toronto, has scored four goals in five matches to date for the Conquerors and credits the goals to the assistance his team mates gave him.

Shaquille Agard

Shaquille Agard

“I give credit my teammates for giving me the opportunity to score the goals, because a lot of them are from great positioning from myself or my teammates; its them finding me or me creating the space”, the player revealed.
Asked his opinion on playing in Canada as to that of Guyana, he said, “the league is just as fast, in Toronto, people focus more on technical ability so there is a lot of passing involved, but here [Guyana] is a bit of both, u have a lot of technical ability and physical too; the teams are very passionate, as there is a lot of passion in Guyanese football”.

The twenty-two year old who played for the Guyana Under-23s against Cuba last year, is a huge fan of forwards Leo Messi and Luis Suarez for their match changing ability.
“ I like playing striker but I also like slipping into the mid-field so therefore I like Suarez for his natural ability to score goals and he also creates; Messi because he makes the game look very easy the way he plays, I aspire to play like that”. Agard cheerfully said.
The footballer who played for the Golden Jaguars in 2014 Caribbean Federation Union (CFU) firmly believes that the Tucville based club Fruta Conquerors has the ability to finish in the top four once again.
“ I think we have a good chance, every team, is good in this league, there is no bad teams ; people might think the bottom teams are bad teams but every team is going to be tough but we are coming along very well bit I think we will finish in the top four, Agard posited.

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