October 1, 2016


…without understanding
This Eyewitness never fails to be amazed (and aghast) at some of the things that issue forth from the mouth of some politicians. But then he’s reminded of the wit and wisdom of the American social critic, Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.” And probably it passeth understanding when his salary has been just doubled.
Take Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo’s utterances when he declared open the government’s just installed uplinking facility to beam its Learning Channel to the hinterland communities via satellite. The PM tried to “make a funny” when he blurted, “I feel stupid wearing a suit in this hot, sunny weather and snow falls on the NCN television screens in Berbice.” He was of course criticising the broadcast quality of the state TV out in Berbice.
But a couple of things first. Why does the PM feel compelled to wear a suit “in this hot sunny weather”? Was it part of his job description: “PM must wear I’ll-fitting hot and sweaty suits”? Sheesh! We may blame Burnham and Jagan for many things but at least they refused to follow the example of “mad dogs and Englishmen” to be in the sun in full metal jacket. Would Nagamootoo “lose his dignity” if he doffs his jacket? Pressie doesn’t seem to have a problem to go that route.
But back to the matter at hand. The PM admitted: “We used to pay a private broadcaster ($3.6 million) a month. We still pay almost the same amount to have the service provided though the satellite”. So this means the “private broadcaster” couldn’t have been getting much – if any – profit to provide the service to the Government’s Learning Channel. Which is what the fella had been saying all along – to no avail. So couldn’t the PM have risen to the occasion and admitted he and his cohorts were wrong? Not apologise… just clear the air?
But the PM instead rambled into realms he obviously hadn’t a clue about. He claimed he will solve NCN’s “snowflake” problem in Berbice since he “we will make sure we get the service we paid for… therefore, we will go to the max and ensure we get not 50% but 100% strength.” What’s this about “boosting strength”? Does PM Nagamootoo think a satellite is an antenna via which you can “boost strength”?
Does he know he would have to increase bandwidth from the satellite provider if he wants to do that? And does he know the cost of that bandwidth?
Sheesh!! Nagamootoo should heed Wittgenstein’s advise: “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

…and wasting taxpayers’ money
One has to be thankful for small mercies. The government convened parliament last Thursday for just 1 hour!! That’s right – ONE HOUR!! Now you’d think this would only happen if the Government had some URGENT matters that just couldn’t wait. After all, even without the full meals being catered, the sitting would set us back by $1 million. Think about flying in all those from the hinterland.
So what was so URGENT? Couldn’t have been the motion to join the Inter-Parliamentary Union, could it? Or condemning Venezuela for the zillionth time? Or noting several Committees’ reports were overdue? Naaah!! Then it had to be the last matter dealt with: DECLARING AN EIGHT-WEEK RECESS FOR PARLIAMENT!! From March 11 to May 4.
Why? Well, what else but “overseas commitments”?? So in addition to $65 million in salaries that’ll be paid to the APNU/AFC parliamentarians – we can expect to pay for 66 first class tickets to foreign!
How sweet it is!! Let the good times roll!

…on unbalanced Boards
Did you see that pic of the new GPOC Board? Wasn’t there some promise to make these appointments “balanced” after the last year’s faux pas? Where’s the gender balance? Where’s the ethnic balance?
Has the ENTIRE government gone cock-eyed?

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