September 26, 2016

Singing Kumbaya

Satiricus was very exasperated. Here it was, PPCEE MP The-Sharer was giving KFC MP Rum Jhaat stick for convening a One Hour session of Parliament. “Why the heck is she working up a sweat for?” fumed Satiricus. “Didn’t she ever hear about QUALITY TIME?”
As a card-carrying member of the KFC, Satiricus knew a central principle of his leaders’ commitment in politics was to bring his erstwhile comrades from the PPCEE into the coalition he had forged with the Pee-and-See. It had nothing to do with “sharing power” as he had thought in the beginning. “No sir!!” Rum Jhaat had confided to Satiricus and his local KFC group. “It was all about sitting together with his comrades in the Pee-an-See singing Kumbaya.”
And that was why Rum Jhaat never minded being shafted from the power he and Naga Man had been promised. “What is the joy of sharing power compared to the joy of sharing in the harmonies of Kumbaya?” And this is what he hoped to demonstrate to the PPCEE when they met in Parliament, even if only for an hour. Didn’t The-Sharer see how he, Rum Jhaat and Hard-Man chuckled with each other ever so often? Kumbaya!! “Why did The-Sharer not see that power was corrupting and Kumbaya was better?”
Then The-Sharer went on about how much the ONE HOUR cost. Satiricus found this very crass. Why did the PPCEE have to reduce everything to money? Didn’t she realise the chance to sing Kumbaya with the Pee-an-See and KFC was worth all the gold and silver in Fort Knox? “But then as Brother Rum Jhaat said, all the PPCEE know about was to cuss and behave bad!” thought Satiricus.
But they liked to take their do-do and rub it on Rum Jhaat’s bamsee by saying Rum Jhaat was a “cuss bud”. “Since when a term of endearment like “Haul Yuh Ass”’could become a cuss word?” fumed Satiricus. “It shows the PPCEE crowd just don’t read the Bible.”
When the Saviour came to Jerusalem, he rode on an ass. But it was a stubborn ass and everyone had to remind him to “haul yuh ass!” Satiricus hoped the PPCEE MPs would “haul dey asses” and come to Parliament to sing Kumbaya! And not keep on harping on “power”.

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