September 25, 2016

LGEs are about returning power to the people – President

– promises jobs, agro-processing and improvements in education for Region 2

By Indrawattie Natram

With Local Government Elections (LGEs) just a few days away, the APNU/AFC Government Friday evening

President David Granger addressing the gathering at Anna Regina on Friday evening

President David Granger addressing the gathering at Anna Regina on Friday evening

took their campaigning to Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) at a rally urging Essequibians to support them in the upcoming polls.
Addressing the meeting at the Anna Regina Bus Park, President David Granger said the break-down in local democracy over the past two decades is a major factor in the incidence of social problems being faced in Region Two and other communities across the country.
President Granger emphasised the importance of problem solving at the community level and community policing, which he said is among the functions of local authorities.
“It hurts my heart to hear about suicide. It pains me to hear about some old widow raped and murdered… there must be better community policing. The police must know what is going on in the communities… the community policing must know what is going on to protect that person’s life,” he said.
Addressing the issue of jobs in the region, President Granger also called on Council members, who will be elected in LGEs on March 18, to focus on job creation and education in order to create an educated region and a generation of entrepreneurs, who will use the region’s abundant resources to transform it into an economic power. The President said this approach will also help to reduce social problems.
“You deserve to be able to sit down around the table with your colleagues and comrades, with your neighbours, to decide how this beautiful town will be developed,” the President told those gathered, promising the establishment of more agro-processing facilities, empowerment courses and improvement in the education sector.
He noted that job creation and establishing of industries are the coalition’s “top priority” noting that this can be realised once the Government wins the majority of constituencies in the region.
In explaining how the coalition government intends to provide jobs for young people, President Granger said an agro-processing facility will enable mothers, producers as well as manufacturer to earn and become self-sufficient.
With an agro-processing facility the President believes Essequibians will be better off and persons can aide in the agriculture sector, outlining that the branch of Guyana School of Agriculture can be put to maximum use.
“Everything that you produce will be marketed, anything you want to export we will find markets, don’t sit on your hands, be selfemployed, let private enterprises earn you an income” President Granger said.
In endorsing the candidates for the Anna Regina municipality, President Granger said the previous administration had “no vision” when they installed the Interim Management Committee within the region, which led to the destruction of the local authority bodies.
The President tasked candidates vying for the Anna Regina Town council to pay attention to children and their education when elected, ensuring that every child attends school and are given a meal.
Additionally, he urged supporters not to become complacent, explaining that the elections is not an easy task.
The President was accompanied by Ministers Amna Ally, Ronald Bulkan, Volda Lawrence and David Patterson.

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