September 26, 2016

Heart Foundation completes 17 successful surgeries at GPHC

Despite technical difficulties faced by the team from the International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF), they were nonetheless able to successfully complete 17 surgeries on children.

A member of the International Children’s Heart Foundation along with a child who had been successfully operated on

A member of the International Children’s Heart Foundation along with a child who had been successfully operated on

The foundation had visited Guyana last month as part of their annual trips to countries across the world, attending to children with chronic heart diseases.
Aimed at reducing the number of children living with heart ailments, the foundation has been over the years performing paediatric cardiac surgeries and interventional cauterization procedures in a number of countries.
However, upon arrival in Guyana, there were concerns over electrical difficulties at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).
The foundation indicated that this posed a threat to the surgeries they are planning to perform.
Nevertheless, Minister of Public Health Dr George Norton told Guyana Times the foundation had overcome these hiccups, benefitting 17 children.
With the patients at heart, the foundation had moved on to purchasing new equipment to facilitate the procedures.
Being aware of the mortality rate of children due to chronic diseases, the foundation based in Tennessee, United States of America, continues to ensure that their role is significant in reducing these rates throughout the world. This is done regardless of country, ethnicity, religion, or gender.
To benefit the children of Guyana, the foundation had partnered with The Caribbean Children’s Foundation (TCCF) for this cause.
This is not the first visit they have made here, as this has been consistent since they were requested by the Health Ministry to offer their services to Guyanese children.  In addition to providing free surgical care, the foundation also specializes in training surgeons and medical staff to become more capable in their profession as it relates to chronic ailments.
To ensure ultimate care is at all times provided, they have also been consistent providers of related equipment for surgeries, surgical supplies and medications to health facilities in the countries they visit.

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