September 30, 2016

Guyana moving backwards

Dear Editor,
Roshan Khan in a section of the media was reported to have been nominated by his religious organisation to serve on the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC). This is good but at the same time it is news regarding the ERC, a constitutional body. Are there fresh nominations of persons to be appointed on the ERC? If so, what happened to those persons who were elected in May 2014 by their respective entities to be commissioners of the ERC but were not sworn in? Were they sent a letter of apology and reasons for fresh nominations by Guyana’s Parliament? If not, I do not think these persons who have “earned public respect” and are of “unquestionable honesty and integrity” were respectfully treated by the national assembly. As a matter of fact they were all disrespected by the highest decision-making forum of Guyana – the Parliament.
I am disappointed. But the question is, why were the May 2014 elected nominees to the ERC not sworn in by President Granger after a motion was successfully moved in the National Assembly to re-endorse them to the ERC instead of having repeated nominations? Guyana in its new dispensation is now moving backwards instead of forward. It’s sad.

Carl Lucas

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