September 28, 2016

Education is the key to proper dental hygiene – dentist

Dentist Dr Scott Hodges who was part of an outreach exercise in Berbice is maintaining that education is the

Dr Scott Hodges performing a root canal

Dr Scott Hodges performing a root canal

key to proper dental hygiene after providing over 600 Berbicians to access better healthcare.
They five-day dental outreach was held by the Association of Bible Churches of the Berbice district.
The event is an annual feature and is held in different parts of the region each year.
This year it was held at Bush Lot, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).
Head of the organisation Pastor Andy Giwarnauth explained that between Sunday and Monday the focus was on cleaning, extractions, restorative works, filling, and root canals.
Yearly the organisation host two medical teams one being eye care and the other dental.
“This year we will be doing three actually, a month from now we will be doing some home visits with some doctors coming from the States; mostly paediatrics working with kids, and we will be trying to educate folks; especially parents, on how to take care of their children and then we also have an eye team coming. We are trying to broaden out scope as to what we can do medically to help more people in this country”, he said.
The 25-person team of medical personnel comprised dentists and oral hygiene students from Michigan and Texas and were headed by Dr Scott Hodges who is an endodontist that specialises in root canals.
He said the main focus was on providing education to patients.
“So each patient goes through a one-on-one education as to how to brush their teeth, things in their diet they should watch for. We went to two schools in the area to provide a little education to the schools and we had an orphanage briefing for kids.”
Dr Hodges said the common oral issues on the Corentyne are the same as in other parts of the country. “Significant decay properly from dietary things, sugar, candy, the sodas we drink…”

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