September 28, 2016

GuySuCo needs to listen more, talk less

Dear Editor,
It is with amusement that I read on my son’s Facebook that workers at Calabash Pump, Rose Hall Estate, are being forced by the estate management to work a 6AM-11AM dayshift instead of an 8AM – 4PM dayshift as they are working a three-shift system: 8AM-4PM, 4PM-12MN and 12MN – 8AM. Now a few things are not right there. Firstly 6AM – 11AM is a 5-hour shift so secondly the 4PM- 12MN shift will have to work 13 hours to cover that shift.
Where is the common sense there? Editor in this day when crime is on the rise in our neighbourhoods, I think it is time for workers to be concerned about their safety. Those of us who know about the Providence backdam can tell of the dangers that people face on a daily basis there.
The Calabash Pump is about 6-7 miles from the public road and from the time you enter the backdam you are in dangerous ground.
There are cattle rustlers, there are jaguars and other big cats; there are snakes, etc along the route. Editor for someone to reach Calabash Pump for 6AM on a bicycle on a good day (no rain) he will have to leave home 1-1 ½ hours early. Right away he is not only putting himself in danger, but his entire family as he will have to leave home in the dark.
Editor, I think it is time that management of GuySuCo pay heed and practice what they preach. Right across the corporation there are notices cautioning about safety.
It is time for change, a time for managers to take advice or accept suggestions from workers for the corporation to move forward.
The workers’ union should take note.
Yours truly,
Estate Worker

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