September 27, 2016

Gunshots ring out ahead of President’s Rose Hall meeting

…sources say was sign of people’s dissatisfaction

Hours before President David Granger was scheduled to deliver an address at Rose Hall, Berbice, gunshots rang out in the town. Police have since launched an investigation.

AK’s Business Establishment was robbed thrice

AK’s Business Establishment was robbed thrice

The shots were heard in the vicinity of AK’s Business Establishment of Rose Hall. Eyewitnesses say it may not have been a robbery attempt, but the proprietor says he was robbed several times before; the last being three years ago and he could not say if he was a target on Thursday.
According to a source close to the Police at Rose Hall, the businessman reported that two shots were fired as he was about to open his business place, which includes a pawn shot. He said he took out his licensed firearm and two persons fled the scene.
Residents say one person was seen riding away from the scene shortly after two shots were heard. According to one eyewitness, for several minutes before the shots were heard, a man was seen standing in front of the business establishment.
Although eyewitnesses noted that there were two persons, the resident said but he only saw one.
“That is around some minutes to eight when most business people open. They had to be targeting him. Something he may have done and somebody targeted him.”
The eyewitness said one person was standing across the road from the business in a suspicious manner carrying a covered bird cage and holding it from the bottom. When the shots were heard, that individual ran, leaving his slippers and headdress behind.
There are reports that second person took to hiding after hearing the sound of the first shot. Another eyewitness said he saw one of the men before the shots were heard and could identify him.
“I notice this guy with the birdcage and I don’t normally see he round here, so when ah done work an I come pon he road and they describe the guy to me, ah say I just see him, so I describe is who to the Police.”
Police have since spoken to several persons as the investigation continues.

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