September 28, 2016

GNBA Board hosts session with TV broadcasters

The board of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) on March 3 hosted an interactive session with television broadcasters in an effort to become better acquainted with the broadcasters, and to foster cordial relations and partnership between broadcasters and the regulatory agency. Broadcast 3
A release from the entity said the event was hosted by the Authority’s recently appointed Public Relations Officer (Acting), Joel Ally, who welcomed broadcasters and introduced the chairman, Leonard Craig.
“This event saw participation from a wide cross-section of Local Television Broadcasters who expressed personal concerns faced within the Broadcast Industry. Some of these concerns included: Unfair practices among Broadcasters, Fee Structure, Signal Interferences and the Expressed Need for Protection by the GNBA”, the release noted.
Also, board members addressed the concerns broadcasters raised, assuring that it is working assiduously to ensure the issues within the Broadcast Industry are appropriately addressed.
The Chair officially presented the Board of Directors. Present were Anthony Vieira, Jocelyne Josiah, Vic Insanally and Ex-Officio Member: Valmikki Singh the Managing Director of the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU).
Josiah was introduced as Chair of the Monitoring and Compliance Committee (MCC) while Vieira was introduced as Chair of the Legal Matters, Fees and Licensing Committee (LMFLC). Insanally will chair the Finance Committee (FC).
Each chairperson spoke of the work currently undertaken by their respective committees in the interest of stakeholders. It was noted that the country was divided into Commercial Zones. These include: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Zones. Specified fees for Television were also outlined.
“TV Ratings such as TV-MA and the content of lewd Music Videos were also mentioned while advice was given with regards to advertising. Specific emphasis was placed on Monitoring and Compliance. All Broadcast Media will be monitored based on approved Guidelines. A review of those guidelines will be done in an effort to give advice on issues relating to the said guidelines”, the release explained.
On the important point of Finance, it was noted that Licence Fees need to be looked at with the realization of where the money comes from, with the aim of helping broadcasters. The current board inherited a situation where there had been no monitoring, regulating or enforcing; hence these matters are to be addressed.
To this end, broadcasters were assured that efforts are being made to level the playing field as far as possible.

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