September 26, 2016

Georgetown’s Regional STEM Fair kicks off

– as key city schools vie for supremacy

The Georgetown leg of the Regional science, technology, engineering and mathematic fair 2016 kicked off on Thursday at the Queen’s College Auditorium.

Students of Cummings Lodge Secondary School explain the concept of their project

Students of Cummings Lodge Secondary School explain the concept of their project

The annual event saw the participation of a number of schools exhibiting their innovative pieces which incorporate the use of technology to advance Guyana generally.
Aimed at providing a forum for youngsters to not only portray their capabilities and represent their schools, the programme caters for the long-term goal of ensuring Guyana is advanced technologically.
Under the theme “Enhancing Traditional Technologies to Sustain Modern Societies through STEM”, this government-spearheaded programme focuses primarily on the utilisation of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project.
Making an appearance to mark the event, Minister of Education Rupert Roopnaraine during the opening ceremony first commended the students and teachers for their consistent and persistent work to create innovative pieces.
Given the evolution of the majority of countries in regard to technology and science, the minister said this fair serves to create a forum where Guyana may also be developed through the new and growing trend.
Speaking in regards to the STEM project, the minister said there are specific aspects that are prominently addressed, and the fair is one which fosters the execution of these particulars.
He added that the concept of STEM is to cater for the growth of human and social development, and this is done through research, discovery and application. Underlining its significance, Roopnaraine informed that this culture gives purpose and prospect to a nation and its citizens in their search for advancement and self-fulfilment.
He explained that the introduction of this fair was based on the need to execute the STEM project in order to reach the ultimate goal of education.
This the minister indicated, proves the administration of the Ministry of Education has given preference to stimulating education levels, while working towards the achievement of its goals.
Speaking in relation to the impact the fair has on youngsters in Guyana, Roopnaraine stated the fair targets the school system, and fosters the moulding of minds of young people to be prepared for the world that is technologically and scientifically quickly evolving.
Specifically, he said this serves an integral part in training youths for challenges that are ahead and developing their minds on how to respond to them.
In closing, the minister encouraged those in attendance to take full advantage of the opportunity being presented to them, which not only serves self but the country. “I think its harbours well for us in the education sector and harbours well for the nation as a whole.”
The pieces presented used various technological and scientific techniques to address particular situations in Guyana, dominantly hydro project and the use of recycled produce to make an impact on Guyana’s environment.
These pieces would be assessed by a panel of judges who would ascertain the prize winners of Georgetown. This will be announced Friday.
Similar fairs that aim at promoting technology are ongoing in the regions across Guyana. On Wednesday, the fair was officially opened in Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam).

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