September 27, 2016

Dover expresses disappointment in seemingly “controversial red cards”

By Akeem Greene

Coach of the Alpha United Football Club Wayne Dover has expressed great dissatisfaction over the issuance of three red cards which in his view essentially changed the course of the match against rivals Slingerz FC on Wednesday at Tucville ground.
In speaking with Guyana Times Sport at his team’s training on Thursday, expressed bewilderment of the legitimacy of the issuance of the cards.
According to a press release by the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), “Anthony Abrams received “two cautions” in the 62nd and then in the 72nd, he was found “using abusing ad insulting language to referee”. Likewise was Shevane Seaforth in the 74th.

Wayne Dover

Wayne Dover

Dover in describing the incident said “we heard the sound of the whistle…once the whistle was blown he [referee] indicated it was foul against Alpha and the player who was involved in the infringement was Joshua Brownne and the Referee subsequently issued a yellow card to Anthony Benfield who was not the culprit in that incident and it left us quite shock as to why Benfield received his second yellow card which resulted in a red card”.
He further revealed “after Benfield was red carded, two minutes after Slingerz equalized and that had a psychological effect on our players, and apparently Abrams said “these referees messing up the game” and the referee issued a yellow card to him; subsequently, we were going to substitute Abrams because he felt he was a bit tired he showed a bit of decent and was issued another yellow card in the same minute which resulted in red card”.
As it regards the red card of Seaforth he explained that “On the restart on the game, the fourth official called the referee who then issued a red card to Sheavene Seaforth who was just about to enter the game”.
Therein, Dover who is the Golden Jaguars Assistant coach vented that “I think the rules are the rules and his [referee] job is to take control of the game, but the referee also has to be consistent with his decision making and be partial”.
The frustrated Coach went unto to say that “the referees are not there to determine the outcome of these games, they are there to do a fair and balance game so that both teams can enjoy the protection of the referee”.
When this publication contacted the GFF for a comment on the issue, an official said “The GFF follows the FIFA guidelines relative to the issuance of red cards. The GFF is awaiting the submission of the reports from the referees for last night’s games”.
Though the official could not say whether an investigation would be launched in to the matter, the result will remain that Alpha lost 2-1.
Dover, who main contention is to see if the decisions on some of the red cards could be revered as to allow his players to take part in the remaining matches, strongly believes the authorities should look in to these matters.
“I think the GFF has to start to look into the situations where referees continuously make bad mistakes which result in a bad result for a team; this is a very huge investments by these clubs, millions of dollars for an outcome like this”, he said.
Quizzed as to whether Alpha would launch an appeal, he responded saying “we know result of the game cannot reverse but as a coach I have a duty to my club to report on the operation that goes on and with such an incident I will be doing a report and submit it to the club and I don’t know from there what angle the Executives will take in lodging a protest”.(

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