September 28, 2016

2 in custody after fatal stabbing of 18-year-old

Two persons are now in Police custody assisting with the investigation into the stabbing death of 18-year-old Sherwyn Lynch who was found in Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara, on Wednesday evening.

Dead: Sherwyn Eldon Lynch

Dead: Sherwyn Eldon Lynch

One of the men  Guyana Times understands was arrested after he was found to be in possession of the now dead man’s mobile phone while the other would have sustained a stab wound to one of his hands which he reportedly received during an attack.
The suspect with the stab wound to his hand claimed that he, along with the now dead man, exited a car soon after which they were attacked by a knife wielding man. During the attack, Lynch was stabbed several times and fell to the ground. He was subsequently picked up and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
At the home of the dead man earlier today, his sister, Tamika Soloman explained that her brother only returned from the interior on Friday last and was due to collect a sum of money from someone. She noted that her brother had a telephone number for the person and when he attempted to contact the individual, his phone was disconnected.
However, she claimed that the person might have contacted her brother and they would have made arrangements for the money to be collected. “I ain’t sure if he death had anything to do with the collect… but they saying is some rasta man with tear drops,” she added.
Soloman could not give a possible motive for her brother’s murder, adding that her brother had no known enemies and was not knowingly involved in anything unlawful.
However, Guyana Times understands that the young man might have been killed after he attempted to relieve a woman of her handbag.
Nevertheless, the sister further stated that she was at home on Wednesday evening when she received a message informing her that Lynch was shot and that she must make her way to the Georgetown Public Hospital.
Without hesitation, she ventured to the medical facility and on her way, made contact with the teen’s father. As she arrived at the Hospital, she recalled a woman and a man grilling her about her brother. Eventually, she was allowed to see him. “He had one stab wound to his chest, one to he hand and one to he thigh,” she stated.
Upon enquiring, she was told that her brother was still alive when he was picked up and taken to the hospital by a family friend who recognised him.
“She say that people were standing around meh brother and they refused to rush he to the hospital… as they de going to the hospital, meh friend try to get information from him but he couldn’t talk,” the aggrieved sister stated.
Solomon added that the Police have taken statements from an uncle and other relatives, including the two men in custody as they continue their investigations. She is however of the belief that the injured suspect is not telling the truth and that his version of what transpired is “all over the place”.

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