September 27, 2016

New Anglican Bishop consecrated

– several Bishops from across the world grace ceremonial event

Following the death of Guyana’s Anglican Bishop in 2015, a new Bishop was ordained and consecrated on Wednesday, in a highly ceremonial event at the St George’s Cathedral in Georgetown.

Newly consecrated Anglican Bishop Charles Alexander Davidson joined by several Bishops from across the world on Wednesday at the St George’s Cathedral

Newly consecrated Anglican Bishop Charles Alexander Davidson joined by several Bishops from across the world on Wednesday at the St George’s Cathedral

Bishop Charles Alexander Davidson was officially adapted to be a part of the Diocese of Guyana and the Province of the West Indies.
The ordination and consecration of the Bishop was held in the presence of several Bishops from across the world, who flew into Guyana specially to join in unison to welcome Davidson and assist in facilitating the event.
Also in attendance to honour the appointment was President David Granger along with the First Lady Sandra Granger.
The halls of the Cathedral were filled to capacity with hundreds of local and overseas officials and guests, as well as the general public which gathered to show their support of the Bishop’s appointment.
Heading the entire proceeding with the help of the visiting Bishops, Archbishop of the West Indies, Dr John W D Holder before bestowing the title, charged Davidson to maintain his strong faith and be a continued disciple for God.
He reminded Davidson that the role of a Bishop surrounds being a leader to serve and care for the people of God, working with them in overseeing the Church, while fostering its mission to spread information about Jesus Christ.
Holder further added that Davidson should work towards maintaining unity in the church to which he is given charge. He noted the importance of caring, teaching and speaking the word of God in order to garner souls for the Kingdom of God.
“It will be your duty to do this by being a faithful pastor and wholesome example for the entire flock of Christ in all things,” Holder encouraged.
During the declaration by Davidson, he pledged to conform to the doctrine, discipline and worship of the church in the Province of the West Indies.
Examined by all the Bishops in attendance, Davidson further vowed to be completely devoted to promoting the work of the church and of God, ensuring that he fulfil the call and be an obedient disciple.
To these pledges, Holder went on to ask for the congregation’s input on whether they endorse the decision to have Davidson appointed, which received positive feedback.
Following this, Davidson was officially appointed new Bishop of Guyana by the body of Bishops and Archbishop.
As part of the religious ritual, the Bishop was then anointed and bestowed with the special items that signify his admittance to the body of Bishops.
This included the handing over of the Pectoral Cross and Bishop’s Ring which signifies salvation.
The presentation of the Mitre, a reminder of the Pentecostal Fire and the Sign of the Helmet of Salvation was then made.
“May your thinking and work for the church of God be inspired by the Holy Spirit,” Holder urged as he placed the Mitre on the head of the newly appointed Bishop.
Lastly, the Pastoral Staff which is a sign of appointment to the pastoral office and a dedication to remaining faithful was given to Davidson.
Greeting the congregation after the appointment, Bishop Davidson was dignified and evidently elated as he moved through the swarm of adoring parishioners.
Bishop Charles Alexander Davidson is now the seventh person appointed to take up the Bishop position. The appointment of these persons started as early as 1842, where William Piercy Austin was selected to be a Bishop of the Diocese of Guyana.
The previous Bishop was the renowned Cornell Jerome Moss who served from 2009 up to his death in May of 2015.

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