September 30, 2016

Linden Highway schools hit with water woes

A number of issues regarding the effective delivery of water to schools along the Soesdyke, Linden Highway, East Bank Demerara were highlighted at the most recent statutory meeting of the Region 10 Regional Democratic Council (RDC). The issue came to the forefront when Councillor Gordon Callender noted the urgency in transporting water, especially to the school at Moblissa. Regional Chairman Renis Morian said while the school is not a part of Region 10, the RDC nevertheless will lend assistance. He noted that he also received similar reports of water woes at the school at Bamia.
“I called the Chairman of Region Four and I spoke to the PTA (Parent Teachers Association) body in Region Four and linked them up with the Chairman and they haven’t called back,” Morian said in response to the issue.
Also, Regional Executive Officer (REO) Gavin Clarke said he is aware of the general situation regarding the issue at Bamia, which would have been initially rectified, as the Education Department would have responded in providing water. However, he noted that the present dry spell has been responsible for the most recent complaints.
Councillor Antonio Hackett revealed that visits to schools in Linden have revealed that a lot of the roof gutters are blocked by vegetation and moss, which may be responsible for water not flowing to water tanks, citing Regma Primary as an example.
Councillor Sandra Adams said the issue at Bamia also stems from some blockage at the schools roof level, where even though there would have been heavy rainfall for a few days recently, no water got to the school’s tank. She said there is a blockage with the roof’s drains. As such, Adams concluded that there is a double issue which presently exists. She called on teachers to pay attention in monitoring the situation on the ground.
“The teachers need to monitor what happens because there was water left running and the water ran out of the tank. So the emptiness of the tank came by two situations, rain fell and no water couldn’t get in, and what they had was left running and ran out the tank.”
Meanwhile, Regional Education Officer Marcia Paddy Andrews reiterated the situation mentioned by Adams where water was left running at the school, while adding that there are other notable issues responsible for the ineffective delivery of water to the schools. It was noted that trucks venturing into the area often times become stuck owing to the sand.
“We did send water in the dry season but we have a problem where the trucks taking water cannot go close because of the sand. Persons with trucks are now unwilling to go to the school,” she said.
In response, Morian said there is need for disaster preparedness while the possibility of having a tractor to go into the area with a water tank for the region must be explored. Meanwhile, he agreed to the suggestion by Councillor Vladimir Glasgow to pursue the construction of a proper access road leading to the school as well as other schools in the jurisdiction.

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