September 25, 2016

GWI seeks new initiative to improve water quality

Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) customers will soon see improved water quality through a new initiative by the company.
As part GWI’s overall water quality improvement programme, it has commenced the assessment of Seaquest, a food-based agent which is believed to have the ability to enhance water quality.

Representative from Aqua Smart, Harold Stiefel giving training to GWI’s team

Representative from Aqua Smart, Harold Stiefel giving training to GWI’s team

It was reported by the nation’s water supplier that after research, they had found that Seaquest which is a product of Aqua Smart Incorporated has the capacity to eliminate the effects of iron present in water.
The programme, which is being carried out by GWI’s Scientific Services and Technical Service Departments, has started its evaluation in four communities to assess the effectiveness of the product.
The indicated communities are listed as Goed Fortuin, on the West Bank of Demerara; Agricola, Greater Georgetown; Clonbrook on the East Coast Demerara; and Ithaca, in Berbice.
According to the company, these communities were selected on the basis that their water supply has a very high iron content, thus making it the ideal location for the tests to be carried out.
The residents of these communities have already begun to receive visits from the GWI’s project team, where they were updated on the project at hand and specifically to spread information on the product to be used.
Donna Canterbury, GWI’s Scientific Services Manager, reported that the product Seaquest which has the ability to chemically disable the iron present in water from oxidising.
Based on information received from the company, Seaquest is 100 per cent safe for the consumption of both animals and humans.
The utility noted that the product has also been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Drinking Water Inspectorate, and is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International.
Besides the harmlessness of the product for consumption, Seaquest was also selected based on its aptitude to reduce discoloration by reducing the effects of iron.
The manufacturing company of the product, Aqua Smart Incorporated which is United States-based has previously assisted GWI in several presentations.
If the tests are successful, the water company will see substantial improvements in the quality of water distributed.
Countries such as the United States, Belize and The Bahamas have also been using this product it improve its water quality, subsequent to successful testing.

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