September 29, 2016

Young Pandit to focus on youth development

By Kizzy Coleman

With Local Government Elections (LGE) just nine days away, candidates vying for seats continue to

Gansham Lekhram

Gansham Lekhram

campaign with the hope of coming out victorious.
It is said that age is just a number, as according to Charles M Schwab, “A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.”
This quote perfectly describes the ambitions of 19-year-old Gansham Lekhram, a Pandit, who is contesting under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) banner for Constituency 5, Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).
Lekhram is to make focus on children chief among all that he has planned for his constituency if elected.
“Many children in Zeelugt are using alcohol, drugs and are getting involved in delinquent activities. As a young person myself, this issue weighs heavily on me and I intend to do something about this.” In the community of Zeelugt, there is a need for recreational facilities. These, Lekhram noted, would enable children and youths to do constructive activities with their time rather than “waste away their lives”.
“We need a play park where children and youths can be occupied, because most of the afternoons if you are to walk around this community, you see children on the streets with nowhere to go and nothing to do. We need to get them to lend their time to what is good for them,” he said.
Children are the backbone of every society, which is why there is a special need for their interests to be focused on, Lekhram explained.
“Myself and all the other youths, we are the ones who will build this country; we are the ones who will take Guyana higher: that is why we are the ones that need to be focused on. We have too many school dropouts, too many children dying from drug abuse, too many children committing suicide. That is why we need to help; it is an urgent issue and this is what I intend to fight for.”
Garbage disposal is another issue that strongly impacts the community of Zeelugt; as such, it is also of chief concern to Lekhram.
“We have a lovely community, but it needs to be cleaned up. We have too much dumping of garbage in too many areas and this need to stop. It could be stopped, but no one ever really tried, so I want to try. I want to be the first person to speak out against this in my constituency and the first person to bring about change in this regard,” Lekhram disclosed passionately.
The feeling of being secure, to be able to leave your home and return to it just as it was left, to be able to walk the streets without looking around suspiciously – this is not a feeling enjoyed by Zeelugt residents.
Zeelugt is frequented by bandits who have left fear in the people of the community. Lekhram aims to remove this fear: “This is a difficult task I know, and everyone will say that this is what they will work towards, but I want to say that I will devote myself towards this cause. We need to feel secure wherever it is that we live.”
Lekhram also pledges to ensure the rebuilding of all roads that need urgent attention in Zeelugt.
“I am a Pandit and I deal with people every day so under a religious point of view I have been helping people, but I want to push further and harder. I know that I am young and that I am taking on a great task, but I am ready to fight for my rights and for the rights of the people in this constituency.”

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