October 1, 2016

PPP reaffirms disapproval of efforts to discredit President Rousseff

Dear Editor,

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) condemns the campaign launched by Brazilian State Security and its judicial sector together with sections of the media and reactionary political parties against the constitutional Government of Brazil.

The primary aim of the campaign is to criminalise and eventually overthrow the democratically-elected Government headed by President Dilma Rousseff and to discredit the Workers’ Party of Brazil – one of the more progressive and labour-oriented political parties in Brazil and on the continent of South America.

The PPP abhors the manipulation of the so-called anti-corruption campaign aimed at embarrassing and intimidating former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and diminishing his widely recognised prestige and influence in Brazil and the world at large.

The PPP has noted the widely-held view in Brazil that the principal objective of the selective investigation is to diminish and derecognise the achievements of the transformation process, which was initiated since 2003 under President Lula and continued by President Rousseff; above all, the campaign is aimed at disqualifying Lula as a candidate for the 2018 Presidential Election in Brazil.

The PPP recalls with a sense of appreciation and pride the visit of President Lula to Guyana and the high degree of friendship and solidarity that he fostered and encouraged between our two countries.

It is in this context that the Party values highly its friendship and solidarity with the progressive and democratic forces in Brazil.

The PPP reaffirms its disapproval of any attempt to discredit and criminalise President Rousseff and her predecessor former President Lula.

The Party is confident that just as witch-hunting and seeking to criminalise and discredit leaders of the PPP/C Administration by the Granger Administration will fail and the truth will out, in the same way the attempts to discredit and criminalise Rousseff and Lula will fail and be unmasked and the working people in Guyana and Brazil will close ranks in defence of democracy, social progress and the gains they have won over the years.


People’s Progressive


Freedom House

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