September 27, 2016

Low Disciplined Services turnout in Berbice

Polling stations in Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) opened on time with the first person on

Polls-closed: At the end of polling only 141of the 248 ballots were cast

Polls-closed: At the end of polling only 141of the 248 ballots were cast

record to cast his ballot being Officer-in-Charge of Central Police Station, Sergeant Marlon Odonoghue, while at New Amsterdam, Assistant Superintendent Gary Nurse started the process, as the Disciplined Services cast their ballots at the Local Government Elections (LGE).
The process was reported to have been smooth, but notably many officers who spoke with this publication said that they were not familiar with the persons who were contesting in their constituency.
In Region Six, ballots were cast at six polling stations. Two hundred and twenty-seven Police Officers and 21 soldiers were listed to cast ballots at the New Amsterdam Town Hall, while 85 prison officers were slated to vote at the New Amsterdam Prison. At the Whim Police Station, 127 Police Officers were slated to cast ballots.
Ballots were also cast at Springlands Police Station where 90 Police ranks and 10 Guyana Defence Force (GDF) soldiers were on the voters’ list. Also used as a polling station was the Fort Wellington Police Station in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) where Police Officers voted.

In New Amsterdam, the first prison officer to cast his vote was Assistant Superintendent Paul James. At that polling station, voting was slow and by the end of the day, 51 of the 85 voters listed exercised their franchise. The turnout at the New Amsterdam Town Hall summed up the day for Berbice where 126 Police Officers of the 227 listed voted and 15 of the 21 soldiers voted.
The first two hours of polling were considered slow and just over 120 voters cast their ballots.
Speaking with Guyana Times, Patricia Lynch, a candidate in New Amsterdam, said that the low turnout in the area was a concern to her.
“I don’t know what would have caused the low turnout. I would think that this is military and the officers must have advised that ‘look, you guys have all day’,” she said, adding that there was some concern over ballots not being stamped.

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