September 28, 2016

GFF to receive US$1M boost from FIFA

By Akeem Greene

President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Wayne Forde has revealed that the newly elected President of FIFA Gianni Infantino has made a promise that countries in the Caribbean Federation Union (CFU) will be the beneficiary of major financial subventions by the governing body.
Forde who was an observer at the elections which were held last month in Zurich, said “In his manifesto, the President [Gianni Infantino], conveyed a clear understanding of the challenges that the CFU [Caribbean Football Union] faces and one of those challenges are, the cost of transportation”.
While speaking to media operatives on Monday at his office, he further explained, “We are about to start out CFC campaign and before it is over, it is going to cost the GFF close to 20 million dollars and close to 60% will be for air travel, so part of what President Infantino promised in his manifesto was that the countries of the CFU will receive US One million travel package and that is apart from our FAP which is our financial support and I have no doubt in my mind that he will deliver on them; it will take some time but I’m very confident”.

Wayne Forde

Wayne Forde

A bad image of GFF
The Guyana Football Federation, in the past has been plagued with numerous tarnishing controversies that have left an image of an untrustworthy institution.
When quizzed about the perception persons may have of the Federation, he responded saying “at this point GFF is not a good brand and I will be the first to accept that as the President of the institution”.
He went unto to say, “my job is to make it a good brand and I will put an exceptional effort into repairing that brand; it’s a brand that has been marred with controversy, in fighting and a whole long list of things that business do want to associate their good brands with”.
The effect of a weak relationship with corporate Guyana has seen Federation having to be onerous of the lumpy expenditures of the national teams.
Forde highlighted that “the GFF was very unhappy that we were not able to attract any sponsorship for the Lady Jaguars apart from the Guyana Olympic Association…as a nation if we really want to perform well on the international stage we have to be able to afford it and at this point we simply can’t”
Asked as to why he believes the various idiosyncrasies tension existed in the GFF, he responded saying I think one of the many reasons we had controversies in the past was because problems in the past have been allowed to fester for way too long and instead of arresting it at the initial stage, it festered and grew out of control”.
However, Forde who is less than four months in office, has admitted that problems have been arising within the Federation but is of firm belief that they dealt with in more expeditious manner.
“One of the key things we are trying to do is mange every potential controversy and we have quite a few; the reason why it has not been in the headline is because we have been able to contain, manage and resolve it expeditiously”, Forde posited.
He added that “I get the impression that the fraternity in general is fully cognizant to the fact that we really have to get together and present the Guyana football fraternity in a different light to the Guyanese people, the business community and the government. (

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