October 1, 2016

Fitzgerald, Smartt dominate in darts

Sudesh Fitzgerald continues to display his accuracy as Guyana’s best darts player with yet another win on Friday at the Malteenoes Sports Club.
The Guyana Darts Association (GDA) who held another of their monthly tournaments saw Fitzgerald teaming with Melissa Smartt to easily defeat Anil Latchman sr and jr in the “Luck of the Draw”.

Sudesh Fitzgerald

Sudesh Fitzgerald

The losing semifinalists were Nicholas Seetaram and Luis Ramirez-Merlano as well as Jamwant Bhupan and Victorine Chandro.
In the team event Ramirez-Merlano, A Singh Latchman jr defeated the team of Latchman sr, Delon Correia and Terence Joseph.
Surprisingly the team comprising of Fitzgerald, Smartt and Seetaram placed third in the team category.

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