October 1, 2016

Who to vote for in the LGE?

Dear Editor,
The last two Local Government Elections (LGE) were held in 1970 and 1994. In 2009, the LGE laws were changes to give people less options. There are two voting systems each covering about 50% of the country, Proportional Representation (PR) and First-Past-The-Post (FPTP).
With PR, people can only vote for Political Parties (PP) and Voluntary Groups (VG), Private Individuals (PI) cannot contest in the PR area. So people are not allowed to vote for PI, they can only vote for a list of persons on PP or VG slate. What this means is the person on the list may live Essequibo, but is on a list for New Amsterdam. Contestants do not have to reside in the area where they are contesting. With FPTP, in addition to PP and VG, Private Individuals (PI) can compete.
In this LGE, I urge each and every eligible voter to vote VG in the PR areas and PI in the FPRP areas.
The next LGE election date is uncertain, given our history. So you have to vote for people who will serve in your interest and not in the interest of any political party. In the short history of Guyana, the only good period of governance was from 1985 to 1992 under D. Hoyte and 1992 to 1997 under C. Jagan. The issues raised here on do not refer to the preceding period. All other ruling was filled with power drunkenness, massive corruptions and lawlessness. Guyanese did not deserve what took place under the PNC and the PPP.
APNU was seen as the best change, but of recent many of us have regretted the decision to support them. For myself, I thought they go with a “Hoyteian” approached to governance.
But I am deeply disappointed with them. Their first act was to give themselves 50 to 100 per cent increase in benefits, just like 1998, under J. Jagan, ministers salary were grossly increased. Both parties support development in areas where their elite lives, not necessarily where their supporters live. You must take the interest of your community in your hand, even it means voting against the party of your choice. Once again, make your vote count for your community, vote VG and PI. Best of luck!

Bhola Nauth

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