September 25, 2016

Revetment works executed to save Christianburg from erosion

In an effort to deal with the issue of erosion at Christianburg, Wismar, Linden, the Public Infrastructure Ministry under its Sea Defence division is undertaking revetment works in the vicinity of the Katapulli Creek which flows into the Demerara River.
The area has been under serious threat of erosion for years and according to engineer of the project James Douglas, the livelihood of the community is presently at risk.
As a result, the project is being executed to save it from the effects of flooding and other related issues. Works began about three weeks ago on the bank of the river and is expected to be completed within three months at a cost of $21 million.
“We’re putting a revetment here so that you don’t get intrusion of the river, which, if it comes to the sub-base of the road, it can be in trouble… What is being done here now, will keep the water from getting under the road,” Douglas stated.
The engineer, who stressed on the importance of the complex project, explained that as a result of the area experiencing massive erosion in the past, the river is coming closer to the community and there are noticeable effects of seepage of its water.
“So what we’re doing here is actually keeping the river out and keeping this road solid, so no water can seep under the road. You would notice in some places there is a depression and that tells you that water was getting under the road. This (work) is to solidify the community,” he further explained.
Meanwhile, Regional Chairman Renis Morian said the course of the creek was changed under the watch of a previous Regional Executive Officer in 2011 which saw it flowing more so into the community as it was then shut off at a particular point. This, he stated, caused a main road in the community to become undermined.
“You just don’t turn a creek that has been flowing for a hundred years… you have to get the proper technical people… because of this not being properly done, the whole road was undermined,” Morian stressed.

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