September 28, 2016

Region 7 receives specialist doctors, to get blood bank

Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) now has a total of 16 doctors, eight of whom are specialists in gynaecology, anaesthesiology, cardiology and dermatology.
There is also a paediatrician as well as a nose, ears and throat specialist.
With preparations underway to transform Bartica into a town, the current Administration is putting the requisite structures in place to improve the Region’s healthcare system.
During a recent visit to Bartica, Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton told residents that works were being done assiduously to raise the standards of the healthcare providers in the Region.
He noted that unlike before when all the doctors were centralised at the Bartica Regional Hospital, they have now been posted in outlying communities such as Kamarang, Issano and Waramadong.
Moreover, Region Seven will soon be getting its own blood bank for which a refrigeration system has already been procured.
Meanwhile, with new management in place at the Bartica Hospital, some cases which were previously transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital were being attended to right at that regional facility.
Moves are also afoot to establish a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Bartica Regional Hospital with the aim of reducing infant mortality in the district.
NICUs provide specialised care for premature babies (neonates) who are not fully developed and are unable to survive on their own without the assistance of monitoring equipment, incubators and breathing apparatus.
Bartica will officially secure its township status on April 23, 2016. This date is symbolic of the ordinance made by the British Government some 178 years ago, to declare Bartica a town.

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