October 1, 2016

PPP/C candidate aiming to develop infrastructure of Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme

– “I am contesting for the benefit of the people of my community”

The Local Government Elections (LGE) is not about politics or the main political parties per se, it is about ensuring that our communities and residents are taken care of.

Ester Chattergoon

Ester Chattergoon

This is according to Ester Chattergoon, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic candidate, who is contesting for her community of Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.
“While I am contesting under the PPP/C, I am not contesting for the benefit of the Party… I am contesting for the benefit of the people of my community,” she firmly stated.
The businesswoman related that she is contesting for her community in hopes of fostering the development of the growing housing scheme. Chattergoon explained that Parfaite Harmonie is one of the fastest growing housing schemes in terms of population, yet it lacks some basic infrastructures necessary for such an environment.
“In Parfaite Harmonie, there are a number of issues faced by the residents. Firstly, the need for proper drainage is quite evident,” she explained.  The mother of two went on to explain that there are few drainage channels in the area, and the existing drains are clogged with mud buildup as well as vegetation. This, she related, causes the buildup of stagnant water as well as yards being flooded easily.
“Another problem we are plagued with is the overgrown vegetation on the unoccupied house lots,” she explained. Chattergoon stated that a lot of the house lots that have been distributed to persons are unoccupied, and the owners are not tending to their land, meaning it is overgrown with trees and shrubs. “The vegetation harbours a lot of insects and dangerous reptiles. It also becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes which at this point is a dangerous health hazard to residents of this area,” the candidate posited.
She added that there is a need for proper roads, as well as street lights in the area, and these two issues are top on the list of residents’ concerns. She related that many streets do not have proper roads, and as such the public transportation providers do not venture into these areas, leaving residents to walk far distances in order to catch buses and cars and to return home.
She further related that at nights, it difficult for persons to walk in these streets because there are no street lights, and which provides ample opportunity for robbers to pounce upon already distressed persons.
“If elected, I will ensure that these issues are rectified for the comfort, safety and security of the residents of Parfaite Harmonie. I am collaborating with the other candidates of the PPP/C in this area to publicly consult with residents and deal with issues that are important to them. Even if we are not elected, we are prepared to stand up firmly for the rights and development of Parfaite Harmonie,” Chattergoon affirmed.
She went on to reveal that if elected, she will be lobbying for the provision of relevant road maintenance, waste disposal and the clearance of vegetation in the area.
She further divulged that it is in the interest of the community that they request for a secondary school, market facilities, better access to healthcare and opportunities for youth development as well as a shopping mall.
“We are going to be encouraging investors to plug their money into developing businesses in the area so as to provide employment opportunities for the residents,” she declared, adding that they will be approaching the relevant authorities for a Police outpost to be established within the Housing Scheme.
She encourages persons to vote for her and her fellow party candidates, saying: “We are people you know and trust, we are approachable and have within our candidates a balanced team coming from various professions and religions. We promise to ensure that Parfaite Harmonie becomes a safe and comfortable living environment that is provided with all the necessary infrastructure and amenities for the benefit of the residents.”

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