September 28, 2016

Women’s Business Expo opens

– Minister Lawrence lauds initiative

Commencing with workshops for exhibitors, the inauguration of the Women’s Business Expo was held on Saturday with a grand turnout.

Some of the items on display by one of the businesses at the expo

Some of the items on display by one of the businesses at the expo

Exhibiting their creative products and services, the display section of the Pegasus Hotel was packed with industrious women eager to showcase what they have to offer the public.
Applauding the initiative, Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence, who was tasked with officially opening the exposition, expressed how overjoyed she was that the event was initiated.
Being a strong advocate for women’s leadership, Lawrence related that she is always delighted to support events as the business expo which promote the significance of women in society.
In all her elation, Lawrence informed that this expo puts Guyana one step ahead of the calls by the United Nations to Governments across the world to accelerate gender party, primarily the celebration of the economic achievements of women.
Being able to ‘pull off’ the celebrations, the Minister therefore commended the initiator of the expo and her exceptional team for putting Guyana in a place where it can be seen as a economic backdrop for women.
Lawrence told those in attendance that this is a new beginning for Guyana, as the expo serves as a forum for women to boost their confidence in order to become prominent leaders in society.
The Minister pledged the allegiance of her Ministry is supporting such events which work to eliminate obstacles that prevent the full empowerment of women in Guyana.
The person behind the introduction of the well planned project is one of Guyana’s local designers, Sonia Noel who said the initiative was a collaborative effort of Oxygen with Nicole Guyana (O2N) and the Sonia Noel Foundation for the Creative Arts.
Observing the visible glitches regarding to the low self-confidence of women in taking leadership, the expo was planned out to empower women as well as to propel their businesses.
In addition, Noel reported that there is a gap between women, as they constantly “bring down” each other which is a contributing factor to the lack of self-confidence they possess. She noted that through the expo, there is hope that there will be a fostering of women’s personal interaction.
The initiative was also supported by Business Minister Dominic Gaskin, who even though not present at the event, presented his remarks in the expo’s handout.
According to the handout, the Minister informed that this goes to show that Guyanese women are demonstrating that they mean business. Gaskin added that the involvement of women is essential to the economic growth of Guyana which the Government has been aiming to achieve.
Displayed at the expo were products ranging from invitations, cards, designer clothing, arranged vases and a number of other innovative creations.

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