September 29, 2016

Wakenaam residents to Govt: “We are important too”

…want more emphasis on development support

Residents in the Essequibo island of Wakenaam have called for better facilities to improve their quality of life. Among their needs were the installation of streetlights, improved water pressure and the return of landline telephone service.
It was explained that there is a lonely road around a burial ground which can be unsafe as no houses are around. Residents said street lights would benefit school children who would go to lessons in the evenings.

A gentleman helping residents full water

A gentleman helping residents full water

The water pressure in many areas was said to be low which was blamed on the current dry conditions.
One inhabitant explained that for “several months” the flow of water in the taps was reduced and claimed that persons farther away are not receiving water supply.
Another resident said to be an employee of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) was seen filing two buckets. It was explained that this GWI employee would “help out” some of those who were without service.
Cattle farmer, Tareeq Ahmad has called for a “purified water system”.
In the past, there was landline telephone service in Wakenaam. Coconut and rice farmer Takur Persaud while praising the availability of mobile telephone service said everyone would be grateful if landline service would return.
Shopkeeper Ivy stated that she has made several reports over the non-functioning service and also emphasised that she would be happy if it returns.
Regional Chairman of Region Three (Essequibo Islands/West Demerara), Julius Faerber had informed this publication last week that the Regional Democratic Council has already made representation on behalf of residents with Guyana Telephone Telegraph (GTT).
He noted that Wakenaam along with Leguan were supposedly slated to have a return of landline phone service sometime in 2016. The chairman cautioned that GTT explained that before it can return the service it would need to assess the amount of telephones it has within its remit.

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