September 27, 2016

Special attention to be given to recreational facilities

 By Kizzy Coleman

With Local Government Elections (LGE) fast approaching, candidates vying in the elections are upping their game to ensure a win, to fight for the rights of those living in the constituency they are contesting in.

Avinash Shardananda

Avinash Shardananda

The same can be said for the candidate contesting for Constituency 10 (Uitvulgt, West Coast Demerara), Avinash Shardananda, who is contesting under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) banner.
“Special attention will be given to the establishment of play houses for recreation. This is a passion of mine because I hate to see children in the streets being idle, I want to help in this regard,” Shardananda related.
Shardananda disclosed to Guyana Times that in the community of Uitvulgt, there is a large percentage of school dropouts; an issue that can be avoided. As such, measures will be taken to address this issue.
“Because of these youths not being in school, there is a huge drug problem in the area. A lot of youths go into drugs and we need to clamp down on this soon after the election. We are going to approach the various stations responsible for this and make recommendations as to what we need to see happen and put forth strategies that I have come up with,” Shardananda lamented.
Another major issue that plagues Constituency 10 is the issue of flooding.
Because of the poor maintenance of the drainage system in the village, water build-up causes consistent flooding.
“The drains and seawall in the area, when not maintained, contributes to flooding. The outfall drainage pipe when maintained prevents this. I want to ensure that it is maintained, we cannot have flooding each time the rain falls. This is a major issue that I vow to look into”.
Special attention is also to be given to the construction and maintenance of culverts. The neglect of bridges is another major problem that was highlighted by Shardananda.
“In Uitvulgt pasture, across the burial ground, there is a bridge that needs urgent attention. This is chief among the development in my constituency that I will be addressing”.
Uitvulgt is a community that is plagued with the issue of improper garbage disposal and Shardananda proposes a number of methods to tackle this issue. “We need to make persons aware of the problems caused by garbage build up, like pollution. If they are aware of the problems cause by the dumping of garbage then they will avoid doing it. I know this is easily said that done but I am committed to trying my best in this regard”.
This candidate encouraged voters to elect him as their winning candidate as he is determined to succeed in anything that he endeavours to do.
“I am well known in my constituency and everyone that knows me, knows that I put my best into whatever it is I am working to achieve. In this instance, I will be looking into the interest of the residents of my constituency, I will ensure betterment for them all”.

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