September 27, 2016

REO ordered to produce report

– as residents call for investigation

There has been public outcry by residents of Kildonan, Corentyne, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) for a thorough investigation to be launched into the circumstances surrounding the death of fellow villager Richard Dundas, also called “Matics”.
The 53-year-old man died on February 24, at his home after being hit by a missile. He was seen by a doctor at the Port Mourant Hospital shortly before his death.
Residents are saying that the doctor erred by allowing the injured Dundas to leave the hospital with his condition not being fully diagnosed. Dundas was laid to rest on Thursday.
A post-mortem performed on the deceased by Government Pathologist, Dr Vivekananda Bridgemohan, revealed that he died as a result of hypovolemic shock – an emergency condition in which severe blood and fluid loss makes the heart unable to pump enough blood throughout the body – as a result of haemorrhage to the foot, cirrhosis of the liver and trauma to the dead as a result of a fall Dundas may have experienced after he would have seen the doctor.
Residents explained that although Dundas was considered poor, he had a big heart, was willing, helpful and was loved by everyone in the community.
“You could always get him to do something for you. Is everybody he does help,” one resident said. “When people are poor and they go places like the hospital, where they have to depend on people, they don’t get the service they deserve; it is the course of the poor,” another resident stated.
Following the death of Dundas, Health Services Director of Region Six, Jevaughn Stephens, in an invited comment said according to the doctor involved, the patient was delirious and did not want to be treated.
Stephens said he was told that Dundas had to be restrained by Police who were on hand. He, however, said that an investigation has been launched.
Meanwhile, on Thursday, the issue was discussed at the Regional Democratic Council level.
Addressing the full Council, Councillor Zaman Hussain said media reports on the incident were disturbing since it was the doctor who allegedly refused to admit the injured man after treating him at the Port Mourant Hospital, that pronounced him dead less than an hour later.
“This is a very serious situation whereby we are allowing things like this to be swept under the carpet quietly. We need to make sure that the person or doctor who did this should be held responsible. We should get a thorough investigation into this issue,” Hussain said.
Region Six Regional Executive Officer, Dr Veerasammy Ramayya has been instructed to present a detailed report on the incident to Regional Chairman David Armogan in a week.

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