September 24, 2016

Loud music lands Essequibo neighbours in court

Two neighbours found themselves before the courts after one of them played music so loudly that it was to the annoyance of the other. Gomattie Boodnarine and Azeeman Bibi of Vilvordeen, Essequibo Coast, made their first appearance before Magistrate Sunil Scarce on Friday at the Suddie Magistrate’s Court.
Boodnarine was charged for noise nuisance and entered a not guilty plea to the charge. It is alleged that on February 1, she played her music set so loudly, it affecting Bibi. She was cautioned by Bibi; a clam she denied, hence they were brought before the court. The 22-year-old defendant was represented by Attorney Haimraj Rajkumar.
According to Bibi, she wants the court to warn Boodnarine on her behalf. Bibi, who is 68 years old, said she cannot sleep at night due to the loud music played by the defendant. She also told the court that she has a differently able child and he is also affected by the noise.
After listening to both Bibi and Boodnarine, Magistrate Sunil Scarce told both women that they are neighbours and should live lovingly.
He cautioned Boodnarine to play her music at a moderate level. Boodnarine apologised to Bibi, adding that it will not happen again. The matter was then dismissed.

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