September 26, 2016

Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts facilities in poor condition

The deplorable condition of the facilities at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts especially the lavatories is chief among the complaints of those who make use of the facilities.Georgetown Magistrates' Courts
During a visit by Guyana Times it was observed that the stench emanating therefrom is unbearable.
All tanks in the washrooms are broken, as such the toilets cannot be flushed.
From the looks of the facilities, one can easily assume they have not been cleaned for a long period.
The floors of the washroom are in an unmentionable state.
This publication spoke with some persons who used the facilities to find out their views.
One woman identified as ‘Phyllis’ explained “I had to be waiting here for a long period until my matter was called, I have a weak bladder and decided to use the washroom, which was a mistake I made. I didn’t know how to use it because firstly the smell hit me before I even entered. Then when I entered, the toilet bowl was filled, it hadn’t been flushed”.

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