September 29, 2016

Berbician hangs self from gooseberry tree

A man was on Saturday morning found dead hanging from a gooseberry tree in the backdam

Dead: Carl Barron

Dead: Carl Barron

after a search party spent close to 24 hours searching for him.
Dead is Carl Barron of Khotbradt Village, East Bank Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
The 23-year-old-man had gone missing on Friday and a search party of close to 40 persons found him about 400 metres into the Backdam, hanging from a wild gooseberry tree.
The rope was tied to two separate branches of the tree to ensure that the objective was realised.
Reports state Barron left home at about 07:20h on Friday to take care of his cows. The man who is a cane harvester, had not returned to the estate when the spring crop commenced.
His mother Bridget Barron said she journeyed into the backdam to the cow pen but did not see her son there. “I see a bucket with milk hang up, so a know he milk the cow and hang up the bucket. I call him but no answer, so I thought that he probably done with one of the cow calf and coming back, but I wait and I ain’t see he,” the aggrieved mother said.
The grieving mother said after some time elapsed, she was of the opinion that one of the calves had escaped from her son and he had gone after it.
“So I sit down and wait till after 11 o’clock and after I ain’t see he, I come home and call my husband and tell him. According to the mother, at about 13:00h a search party of eight persons which comprised mostly family members went and looking for her son. The search took them several miles into the backdam.
As villagers returned home from work and heard the news, they waited with bated anticipation and at nightfall, it was evident that he was not found.
A much larger group ventured into the backlands of Khotbradt at about 19:00h, taking flashlights and electronic devices with them. The group returned to the village at about 01:00h on Saturday and at sunrise, close to 40 villagers went again in search for the missing man, who up to then, was not considered missing by the Police.
His lifeless body was discovered attached to a rope which was hanging from a gooseberry tree, with his feet almost touching the ground. The tree was a short distance away from the cow pen.
The dead man’s mother said several years ago, her son had a nervous breakdown but had returned to normalcy. She said his girlfriend who now resides in the city returned to the village for the weekend to observe her daughter’s birthday.
She said her son was elated over the fact that the woman and his daughter were expected to visit his home on Sunday. However, they did not show.
“He turn to me Sunday afternoon and say “Mummy it look like she gone back to town”, and I could see like he disappointed,” Mrs Barron told this publication.
It was only a few days earlier that the now dead man told his father that he was bored and fed up.
Richard Barron, the deceased’s father, said during 2015, his son went missing for a few days and when he was found, he confided in him that the thought of suicide had crossed his mind.
“Well I talk to him and I think that he get over that but last week I see a piece of rope in the house that his sister bring in the house and I look at this thing and just decide to hide it…”
Barrow leaves to mourn his parents, six siblings and a three-year-old child.
A post-mortem examination is expected to be performed on the body as Police continue to investigate the man’s death.

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