September 25, 2016

Why is City Hall so thin skinned?

Dear Editor,
I see the Public Relations Officer of City Hall constantly writing letters in the Dailies condemning persons who criticise them in the press, advocating what a wonderful job the Georgetown Municipality is doing and even pronouncing that the concerns being expressed by letter writers are being done out of malice rather than genuine concern.
Clearly the PRO is living in an ivory tower if she really believes what she is saying or is merely a mindless mouthpiece for her superiors. But the point to be made is that rather than condemning the letter writers she should refute their concerns if she could.
Could she deny that there is rampant nepotism and cronyism at City Hall, when she has obtained employment for her own daughter and other relatives and friends?
Can she reject the sloth and deception at City Hall when she is engaged in work for the local water company during normal working hours?  Can she deny that the City’s Treasury is now empty and the overdraft has spiked to its limit due to fiscal irresponsibility  by bloating the payroll, contracting out most municipal services without acceptable tender procedures and embarking on a spending spree?
Can the PRO contradict the fact that City Hall has not had a proper external audit in two decades?
Public relations is a distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain lines of communication between an organisation and its public, not to try to muzzle persons from making constructive criticism or to try to hide the incontrovertible truths about their organisation.

James Mc Onnell

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