September 25, 2016

US Embassy humanitarian programme aids Regions 1, 7

The United States (US) Embassy, through its Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP), has reached out to several isolated indigenous communities throughout Regions One (Barima-Waini) and Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), donating various items.
This was a collaborative effort with regional Government officials. Among the items donated were educational aids, clothes and shoe donations, toothbrushes, and medical relief. The items were supplied by both US and Guyana-based non-governmental organisations, including Food For The Poor, Guyana Medical Relief, and Global Grins, while medications were funded by HAP.

University of Guyana (UG) Student Laurel Seales tests a resident’s blood pressure during one of the outreach exercises

University of Guyana (UG) Student Laurel Seales tests a resident’s blood pressure during one of the outreach exercises

According to the embassy, all efforts to distribute the goods and services were through regional education and health offices, as well as local doctors working in Georgetown and the towns of Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge.
In Region Seven, HAP Guyana conducted an education-focused donation through the regional education office. Region Seven’s Education Officer Charles Holmes, facilitated boat transportation to the indigenous communities of Batavia, Falmouth, St Mary’s Quarry, and Wineperu.

The outreach delegation distributed graphic educational aids, textbooks, teacher study guides, and reading and writing materials to each community. Students also received children’s shoes, clothes, and toothbrushes to take home to their families. The donation reached 246 students throughout the four primary schools.
Meanwhile, in Region One, HAP conducted medical outreaches in the towns of Port Kaituma, Sebai, Fallstop, and Arakaka. The region’s Regional Democratic Council recognised the logistical challenges in providing medical services to the various communities spread out through the Matarkai sub-district, which stretches from Port Kaituma to Matthews Ridge.
In order to enhance the impact of the 14 doctors in Region One, Regional Health Officer Cerdel Mcwatt facilitated HAP’s efforts to transport local doctors to Port Kaituma, Sebai, Fallstop, and Arakaka, impacting 512 patients over the course of three days.
Resident doctors at the Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge Hospitals were instrumental in assessing major health issues within the respective villages, such as malaria, gastroenteritis, and upper respiratory tract infections. Head Doctor at Matthews Ridge Hospital, Dr Damian Fraser, assisted with the movement of a pregnant patient from Arakaka to the Matthews Ridge Hospital.
In addition to treating patients for various ailments, the medical team was able to perform over 100 tooth extractions throughout the course of the outreach.
Medical and educational outreaches through the Humanitarian Assistance Programme represent a core component of the US Embassy’s continuing commitment to working with the Government of Guyana at the central, regional, and local government levels to support enhanced public health and enduring education for the people of Guyana.
HAP is an initiative under the US Embassy to assist Guyana’s communities, particularly in underserved regions, in the areas of social, economic and medical development.  HAP works to bring together multiple local and international agencies to reach common goals.

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