September 28, 2016

Seeking the truth…

…on Rodney
Even though most everyone swears they’re looking for it, tracking down “truth” can be a tricky business. Back in the day when practically all the ideas and ideals were being established, there was this fella named Diogenes. He lived in Greece around the same time as Plato, who became somewhat more famous. But Diogenes was no less a philosopher who sought “truth”.
He carried around a lamp in broad daylight and when asked “why?”, said he was looking for an “honest man”. Not surprisingly he’s come down the ages as “Diogenes the Cynic” and founded the school of “Cynicism” in philosophy. Your Eyewitness does believe Guyana needs a Diogenes today as President David Granger complained the Rodney CoI hadn’t been “looking for the “truth”. And you’ll forgive me, dear reader… won’t you?… for being a tad cynical myself.
After all, Pressie once again proffered the excuse that Skip Roberts was brought in as a witness from “foreign” but never placed on the stand as the reason for his conclusion the Report was “flawed”. For a man in search of “truth” why didn’t he address the riposte of the CoI’s lawyer to his earlier avowal of that conclusion? Hanoman had explained Roberts didn’t testify in the first instance because he refused to make a statement – as required by the rules of the CoI.
But even more damning on the President’s reiteration of the Roberts’ excuse was – in the second instance – it was HIS decision not to extend the CoI’s life for two weeks that allowed Roberts to slip out. The CoI needed the time to allow fellas like Roberts and Mc Lean who’d been the recipient of negative testimony to rebut. And the CoI emphasised this was one of the weaknesses of its Report.
The President did say he presented the Report to Cabinet and they’re expected comment soon. But if he’s really serious about getting closer to the truth (“truth” is like that “asymptote” we learnt about in school – a line that gets closer and closer to a curve but never, ever actually touches it) Pressie should waive the rule on “collective ministerial responsibility”. We know what the PNC ministers will conclude… but the Guyanese people certainly want to know the take of the WPA, the AFC and Keith Scott – who just happens to be Walter Rodney’s brother-in-law.
Pressie also promised to deliver copies of the Report to “all the parties”. As President of all the people, we do hope he finds it in his heart to also forward a copy to the widow of Dr Rodney.
From its budgetary allocation, the Ministry of the Presidency has enough ink.

…on rice to Mexico
As our rice industry absorbs a one-two combination of lost markets and El Niño drought conditions, farmers are seeking the truth on the promised market to Mexico. Firstly, we’ve learnt it’s NOT a RICE Market. Nagamootoo probably thought when the Mexicans mentioned “rough rice” it was the kind of rice he used to eat as a kid. “Rough rice” is actually what we call “paddy”.
So the Mexicans may want PADDY… which they now buy from the US, right next door with consequent lower shipping costs. So our millers will lose the opportunity to add value – IF we get the market. Which ain’t gonna be easy – and not just because of the phytosanitary hoops we’re jumping through right now.
Vietnam can now ship milled white rice cheaper than the Americans can even ship “rough rice/paddy” now that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed last month.
Truth is… Holder (following Nagamootoo) is out of his league.

…on the audits
Jail-all Sharma’s just reiterated a whole lotta people will be jailed when the next 45 “forensic” audits are released. In the first five released, no one was jailed – but three persons were killed in a “hot pursuit”.
Let’s hope the latter trend doesn’t continue.

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