September 28, 2016

Promoting partisan political agenda

Dear Editor,
I refer to two articles in another section of the media – one dated February 24, 2016 under the caption “E’bo folk urged to vote in LGE” and “Use LGE to unite communities – AG tells Linden dinner” on March 1, 2016.
Editor, both articles referred to the Attorney General addressing the two audiences one in Linden and the other in Georgetown on Local Government Elections (LGE) which has me confused between the portfolios of Attorney General and the Minister of Communities, the latter with whom I understand Local Government responsibility lies.
Further, neither of the two activities was a public forum on LGE but rather partisan campaigns for two candidates in Linden and the other for PNCR and AFC representatives in Essequibo whom also included the REO.
Editor, how could the Attorney General ask us to “use LGE to unite communities” while using his office to engage and promote a partisan political agenda.  I’m very concerned about the mixed messages this coalition Government, which campaigned on change and abuse of office by the last regime, is sending in the local communities. This conflicting role is a reason why national political parties should have been absent from the LGE.

Louis Nestor
First Past The Post (FPTP) Individual Candidate
Constituency 4

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