September 29, 2016

Man on trial for manslaughter

12 years later

Twelve years after Inshan Singh was beaten to death by a group of young men, one of his alleged attackers is now facing a manslaughter trial at the High Court before Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed jury.
Gilbert Williams’s trial into the manslaughter charge commenced Thursday afternoon, and the charge for which he stands indicted alleges that at about 20:00h on January 10, 2004 at North Road, Bourda, Georgetown, while in the company of other males he dealt injuries to Inshan Singh also known as “Boy”, resulting in his death.
In addressing the Jury, the lead State Prosecutor Attorney Siand Dhurjon urged the jury to focus on the evidence and avoid distraction.
The first witness in the matter was Senior Superintendent of Police Wendell Blanhum stationed at CID Headquarters, Eve Leary.
Blanhum related that during the period of the incident, he was stationed at the Alberttown Police Station and attached to the CID. He testified that on January 12, 2004, acting on instructions, he went to the Alberttown Police Station and contacted the accused, whom he later escorted to CID Headquarters.
He related that he, along with Corporal Herbert Joseph took the accused to an office where he told him of the manslaughter allegation and informed the accused that the allegation suggests that he and others dealt the deceased several blows with a piece of wood, as a result of the injuries Singh died the day after.
The witness related that he cautioned the accused that he is not obligated to say anything, adding that Williams chose to respond: “He responded with ‘I didn’t beat he with any wood. I knock him on his skull and some of the other boys join in and beat him.”
The Superintendent further explained that the accused told him that he took the injured Singh to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) after a woman told him he was responsible for the man’s injuries.  He further related that when he asked the accused if he wanted to offer a written statement, he answered in the affirmative; and this was later done without the use of threat, fear, promise or inducement.
The matter was adjourned to Friday, when State Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh is expected to testify on the cause of Singh’s death.

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