September 27, 2016

Attack on Freddie condemned

Dear Editor,
This has reference to the news item on charges filed against two individuals for throwing miasmic substance on controversial columnist Freddie Kissoon. The matter must not be pre-judged and the gentlemen must be given a fair hearing especially that they allege they were beaten to force a confession.
When the faecal matter was thrown on Freddie a few years ago, Professor Churaumanie Bissundyal and I were among the first to condemn the attack. As much as Freddie had expressed his dislike for us in his columns and pelted a lot of faeces on us as well as on other objective writers like Ravi Dev, Baytoram Ramharack, etc, throwing faeces on Freddie must be condemned. That type of behaviour cannot be tolerated.
As I noted then and reiterate now, the fact that Freddie dished out a daily dose of unsubstantiated “literary faecal matter” on others does not give the victims the right to physically attack Freddie or to literally dump faeces on him.
However, those attacked with the pen should have the right to respond, a right that media in which Freddie’s faecal writings appeared, has denied to many, including me. Some have justified the attack in Freddie as a tit for tat because he did not support a response in his paper. It was wrong.
The court will judge the guilt or innocence of those accused of dumping faecal matter on Freddie especially now that the accused allege they were beaten to confess to the charge.
Justice must be served! It is noted that those Freddie accused of throwing the faces on him are not the people who were charged.
I urge Freddie to stick to facts to give his claims credibility and to support allegations with irrefutable evidence. He must stop inventing information and data.
He must cut out the faecal attacks on those with whom he has disagreements and write professionally and unbiased.
He can emulate the writing style of Dev, Prof Ramharack or Ralph Ramkarran for objectivity and balance.

Yours truly
Vishnu Bisram

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